Orchid Donovan–Our Hero character. She has just discovered she possesses new abilities such as telekinesis, weather manipulation and more. She woke up some unknown time after the natural apocalypse that had nearly destroyed the Earth and formed the new world.  She has yet to discover what she is really capable of.

Morganna— a little girl with the power of sight. She wears a necklace with a green jewel that attracts the attention of many characters. Orchid saved her from a gang of roaming thugs and killers. She lives with a group of survivors trying to rebuild society.

Cesar— Leader of a group of survivors trying to rebuild society. The group is made up of both people with and without special powers. He helps take care of Morganna.

The Masked Assassin– a mysterious, seemingly unstoppable killer out to destroy any surviving human that has been gifted with special powers.

Octavius–Current leader of a murderous and very dangerous cannibal cult that worships the God of the feast. The cult feeds on human victims and shows no mercy, patrolling the streets by night for new victims.

Malek–Octavius’s second in command

Jack Crandle–A former businessman with the power of pyrokinesis.

Justin Crandle–Jack’s son

Cameron— A survivalist that lives in a cabin in the mountains. He has the power to communicate with animals.

Lila–Cameron’s wife.

Luana–a power hungry, militant woman in command of a ragtag band of mercenary soldiers. She is a technological genius and has the ability to invent gadgets and deadly weapons out of scraps and leftovers from the old world. She can also jack into machines to learn information as if she is downloading data. She scavenges the new landscape for forgotten or remaining sources of energy. The arrival of a sudden new, powerful source of energy has distracted her from her primary mission. She will stop at nothing to obtain it.

Kyle--Young man just out of high school who has the power to blend into his surroundings and camouflage himself almost perfectly. He was living on the streets and stealing from our group of heroes until Morganna exposed him and ask him to join them.

Samantha (Sam) –A young woman discovered by the heroes in the woods. At first they thought she was dead. She was actually outside her body. She can astral project at will and actually possess the bodies of others.

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